Transformation's process.

The spiritual-healing is transformation's process. A transformation takes time. It should be stressed clearly the importance to asist as so many Self-Satsangs sessions as possible. It will not be a repetition, as every time the inner individual experience will be of a different quality and intensity. In addition, attending to the meditations many times I can transmite to each one participant a personal exercices to do (to develope a personal healing-prayer). But for this I have to be sure, I will see again the participant: I have to observe how the exercise, is working on this person, I have to explain how to perform the spiritual-exercise, to explain its meaning, etc. of course I have understanding that new people firstly want to be cautious and want to see me and to asist only once... spite of having (read) my book.

Yes, it is possible to atend the Self-Satsang only one time. Nobody is obligate to anything! But it should be expressed clearly: Coming for only one time it is not possible to apreciate this spiritual-work. It is not to be expected that at once all problems (like illness / sickness) should be already removed: They were developed along a longer time! This is about experiencing God: Receiving His grace and His Blessings, His Love and His Healing Energy. This is only possible to those who open themself to Him and permit to be transformed for becoming better and Good by this Blessing, by this Grace by this Healing-Energy. If You come with the attitude of a thief, who just look around and observe what can he takes for himself, for his one egoistic use and desapear (by the way: a common attitude of many pseudo-healers), then you cannot expect that God will shower His Grace over You. - Pablo Andrés.